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We are happy to provide a full service, from initial strategy to promotion, copy writing to analytics.

But we're also realistic. Most of you prefer to run your own web site once it is published, drawing on our support for promotion, analytics and to keep abreast of new developments. Our aim within this section is to support you in running and promoting your web site.

Much of our blog content is written in response to client support requests. So don't be shy, email your questions in to

Our Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation workshops are very "hands on". Everyone has a laptop and has the chance to try out the techniques. This is not promotion dressed up as a workshop!


Don't recycle boilerplate

Kilimanjaro, the copy writer's Achilles Hell

Charity fundraiser advice

If you want to rank well in Google, don't use the same copy as everyone else.

Google Analytics Workshop


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Learn how to ensure your web site delivers your business and communications objectives

Blog: Social media workshop

Proceed if you Tweet, or even if you just Like us

A slide deck from a social media workshop run jointly with Sue Anstiss of Promote PR. A practical session presented in a gym.

Blog: Facebook Notes tip

How to import multiple blogs to a Facebook Page

Facebook Notes are great, but you can only import 1 feed at a time. We show you how to combine 2 or more blogs and then import them together.