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Look around you. Do you see a telephone? Within 30 seconds, you could be broadcasting to thousands of people on the internet, live if you want to! Don't believe us? Follow the link and have a go. You don't have to register, and you don't have to say your name, so don't be shy! Try contact engine now.


eConsultancy Award

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We won eConsultancy’s “Most Innovative New Technology” of 2009: "a really simple but well executed idea that gives anyone who can use a phone the chance to speak out on the internet"


An assortment of ipadio clients chatting

ipadio for business

ipadio's clients for public and internal broadcasting include Virgin Media, Oxfam, the UN Foundation, Save the Children, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the British Horse Racing Authority and ERM.

Intrigued? It takes 30 second to have a go.

Try ipadio without registering

If you'd like to see what all the fuss is about, it takes about 30 seconds to have a go. It's a geographic (ie, cheap) number.

ipadio in use in Haiti

A round up of Haiti broadcasts

ipadio lets anyone call live to the internet from any telephone. It gave us a real buzz to see so many charities reporting direct from Haiti.