Search engine optimisation for web site owners

Search engine optimisation workshop shows visitors from natural search

We put a huge amount of time and effort in to ensuring that our web sites naturally optimise your content. This "embedded optimisation" means that Nemisys web sites perform very well in the search engines over long periods of time even if all you do is write about what you do. But with a little extra effort we can really make your site deliver results!

First, we'll set some context around your search engine strategy, and how it fits within your wider online marketing strategy.

You will learn about the following "on-page" factors:

  • How to get the most from the content you produce
  • How to create a rich and relevant link architecture
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your efforts
  • How to review and improve your existing pages and content
  • How to capture the click, not just the listing
  • The importance of accessibility to SEO

Once we're done looking at your site, we then move on to some of the most effective techniques for generating incoming links (often know as "off-page factors", because they happen away from your own site):

  • How to evaluate incoming links
  • How to request incoming links, and what is the best format
  • How to encourage mass incoming links (link baiting)

The dates for our next couple of Search Engine Optimisation Workshops are shown above & right. If you cannot make those dates but would still like to know more or be notified about future workshops, please email John Duffy on

3 or more trainees?

We can come to you to run the workshop, centred entirely around your own web site and digital campaigns. With 3 it's borderline on cost depending on whether your staff travel budget is by Earlybird Return or chauffeured limousine, but with 4 it will almost certainly work out cheaper. Drop John a line for a chat.