Quantum Advisory: Brand, web development and print


Based on a sample size of 1, we can declare that the old saying that “actuaries are people who found accountancy a little too exciting” is bunkum. Quantum Advisory has a clear vision about what they are about and how they want to be perceived by their clients and prospective clients.

We hope it's no coincidence that Quantum have won many new clients since the launch of their new brand

Branding and visual identity

We have worked with Quantum from initial concepts through to the production of print, web, digital and presentation materials. The outcome is a vibrant visual identity.

Web development

A relatively simple web site delivers Quantum’s message clearly and easily. So what used to be an embarrassment and a worry at pitch stage now supports Quantum’s business development with key information and a clarity of purpose.

Design and print management

From stationery to folders, business cards to quarterly newsletters, we’ve designed and managed the lot. Quantum’s marketing team are savvy print buyers and have been buying for years, so we were particularly pleased to be able to shave some off the print costs without compromising quality. We even manage fulfilment of Quantum’s quarterly newsletter too.

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