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We initially delivered the main website in 6 weeks for a budget of under £30k as a rush job in time for the All England Championships back in March 2004. 

Since then we’ve had numerous design upgrades, including a recent incremental move to a responsive format, where we’ve provided flexible templates to facilitate creative combinations of text, image, video and advertising.

We’ve also launched a staff & player extranet and SMS communication system, a European championships micro-site, a coach system specifically designed to meet the needs of around 1700 English badminton coaches, a site designed to increase participation:, and most recently the Yonex All England World Championship site

Nemisys have worked unequivocally with different areas of the organisation to truly understand their needs and deliver lasting and trusting solutions. This is always done with both an eye on maximum delivery but also importantly with a view to the costs.  Technologically Nemisys have a strong team of professionals who are always looking at the latest technologies and in my experience seem to know how most effectively to link these with the relevant solutions...

Noel Dixon, Badminton England