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British Universities & Colleges sport

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the national governing body for Higher Education sport in the UK, serving a huge student membership, and delivering more than 50 sports.

Nemisys have developed two systems for BUCS:

BUCS Website

BUCS main website was built to support their aim “to enhance the student experience through sport”.  It has been designed to signpost and promote the work that BUCS do to support the lifestyle and educational benefits of taking part in sport, and to provide information about and access to the outstanding opportunities that students have to engage in sport and related activities whilst in higher education.


The BUCScore development supports more than 50 sports, (everything from archery to ultimate frisbee ), almost 170 member institutions (including some FE Colleges), and a busy league programme of over 4800 teams and over 100 championships events every year.

BUCScore does all of the scoring for these teams, events and organisations.