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Nemisys were tasked with providing concepts for Ealing Borough Council’s campaign to manage home repair costs and provide support for the repairs system.

The initial approach was based on a desire to reduce the number of false maintenance claims, by making local residents aware of the true cost to the region. Subsequent work was more positive in tone, and built on the idea of providing support for home repairs, and clear instruction on how to assess whether a genuine call-out was appropriate.

We produced home repair and home safety information booklets, distributed to all residents, as well as exhibition display stands for local roadshows where home repair workshops and in-situ demonstrations were given.

The team never lost sight of our objective and their skilled approach and attention to detail allowed us to deliver a hugely successful campaign

Martin Crank: Communication, Consultation and Marketing - Lead Ealing Council

0844 7069665

Janelle House,
6 Hartham Lane
Hertfordshire, SG14 1QN