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We engaged in a full rebranding exercise on two occasions with England Golf, the second of which involved providing a brand to bring together the amateur bodies for both men’s (EGU) and women’s (EWGA) golf.

Concepts and brand development

Initial design concepts worked with the existing visuals of both organisations, bearing in mind the issue of brand equity of both organisations, but also suggested new themes to bring them together.

The final approved solution was a merger of aspects of both traditions, keeping the English rose to retain brand continuity for both bodies but with a more streamlined contemporary slant.



A full detailed brand manual was produced, covering logo formats, typography, colour palette, image styling, print and page composition, and broader brand direction.

Colour palette - core colours
Colour palette - Secondary colours
Design Direction: Brand components
Print application demos
Print application demos

Digital application of the brand

The brand cascaded across a range of media to support multiple amateur golf initiatives:

  • Various digital systems:
    • The main England Golf website
    • A national online resource to support the Golfmark program, (Golf’s equivalent of Clubmark).
    • England Golf Clubhouse portal,
    • Central Database of handicaps
    • The Membership benefits program website

Print and offline examples

  • A broad range of print communications:
    • Stationery, brochures, promotional mail
    • Exhibition graphics
    • Merchandising

  • Vehicle livery, signage and office graphics

  • Development of multiple subsidiary England Golf brands:
    • England Golf captains;
    • National amateur competitions
    • England Golf Trust,
    • Clubhouse,
    • England Golf Partnerships.

A great team, willing to listen, willing to offer advice and always there to provide support when needed... they went the extra mile (or two or three) to ensure everything was as it should be.

Lynne Fraser, Marketing and PR Manager, The English Golf Union

0844 7069665

Janelle House,
6 Hartham Lane
Hertfordshire, SG14 1QN