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Nemisys have worked with England Golf (formerly "The English Golf Union" and "English Womens' Golf Association") since 2005.

We originally tendered to build the English Golf Union (EGU) website but partway through the build we were asked to build a site for Men's European Team Championships held in 2005. This latter site had completely bespoke online scoring system devised for it allowing scores to be uploaded from the course directly on to the website.

The EGU website was launched in October 2005. Following these two projects we were appointed to develop two specific initiative sites, GolfMark and GolfSkills as well as being asked to develop EGU's Corporate Identity.

GolfMark was EGU's version of ClubMark which is an accreditation system for sports clubs. GolfMark has run successfully for a number of years and in 2014 a new version that Nemisys built was launched. The system allows clubs to answer questions about their club and upload evidence to support their answers with EGU/England Golf's regional team being involved in the assessment all via the online tool.

Golfskills was an offline initiative that ran until 2013 where boys and girls competed at clubs with a number of golfing challenges. the website depicted the challenges with videos and allowed coaches to register children as well as displaying County and national Leaderboards.

One of the larger projects that we have been involved with is the Central Database of Handicaps. This system integrates with handicap systems at affiliated clubs to bring all handicap data into a central repository. One of the primary benefits of this system is that 'Away Scores' of a player (even when playing in Sctland, Wales or Ireland) are quickly transferred back to the Home Club where they can affect an individual's handicap. This is of prime importance to elite players where handicaps have to be kept up to date.

Other systems built since our involvement with England Golf include Getintogolf - an activity booking system, Handicap and Membership Benefits - a specific resource for Members with access to bespoke offers, CGP Portal - an internal communications portal. Greener Golf - an environmental policy generator, Golf Central - a golf course directory partly developed by us and perhaps most importantly Clubhouse - a resource for clubs that acts as a portal and a single sign on tool, in effect a one-stop-shop for golf club managers and staff. 



A great team, willing to listen, willing to offer advice and always there to provide support when needed... they went the extra mile (or two or three) to ensure everything was as it should be.

Lynne Fraser, Marketing and PR Manager, The English Golf Union

0844 7069665

Janelle House,
6 Hartham Lane
Hertfordshire, SG14 1QN