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PAPAA supports and advises people affected by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: patients, families and professionals. We’ve consolidated website, membership systems, eLearning and ecommerce into a single administrable entity, and following a thorough discovery process have improved user journeys across the board.

Core Website

• In workshops we identified core user journeys so that key visitors (newly diagnosed, long-term patients, support networks, medical and associated professions) could be signposted to relevant information and actions. This is now reflected in the menu structure and the distribution of information and actions across pages.

• We trimmed down site-wide data so that essential information for target users could be found in the main site, while In-depth content and resources for those with specific enquiries were housed in the Knowledge Bank, cross-referenced and searchable. Access required a basic membership which enhanced the profile of that data and encouraged sign up.

• The new Shop integrates existing products and publications, but also paid memberships and accredited eLearning. Features include marketing vouchers, stock control, zero-price products, Gift Aid processing, visual reports, product variant options and payment options.

• Look and feel: We produced a more contemporary, responsive site using core brand elements but with a more ‘human’, approachable style. The optimised site structure simplified user journeys and sign-ups.


• We built a bespoke eLearning production tool within the CMS allowing PAPAA to create any number of courses with rich content, revision exercises, formal testing processes and certification - integrated with both membership and ecommerce systems, and accredited by professional bodies


• PAPAA’s membership systems and processes were complex and suffered from a legacy of non-integrated systems, and complex sign-up processes. The challenge was to bring as much of the system and data into the CMS as possible whilst recognising that some offline processes had to be retained and integrated meaningfully with the digital systems.

• A lot of work was done to clarify and streamline the different types of membership available. A simple public/professional profile became the first stage registration, with other membership types built upon those, signposted via the user profile page and throughout the site.

• A thorough overhaul of the data requirements produced a smoother user journey at the front end and more useful data for the client.


Nemisys have demonstrated great expertise and understanding, and provided a process which took us through a full rebuild and migration of our material, without any lack of continuity, in a professional and timely manner. They are an experienced group of knowledgeable professionals who are prepared to learn and adapt to our needs, without the need to only consider the stereotypical approaches.

David Chandler, Chief executive, PAPAA