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Don't mistake a best practice checklist for years of knowledge

Many of our clients are bombarded by 'SEO gurus' who will charge them anything between $100 and $1000 per month to 'guarantee #1 rank in Google'. Of course, they never say which term they guarantee.

Often the approach is the same. They proffer a list of best practice, highlight where we differ, and then we have to explain that we invariably beat 'best practice' for any given content (off page factors aside), because we have found a formula that works and collectively brings our clients millions of visitor sessions every month.

Think about it for a second. If everyone followed 'best practice' how would Google et al tell sites apart?

I've shared examples before of huge success delivered simply by using a key phrase in the title and body of a page, football crm strategy for example.

I've been thinking that perhaps if we charge explicitly for SEO people would value our advice more over the gurus who bill monthly and add little.

And so over the last few months we have taken on some monthly SEO retainers for people using our own Nemisys-developed sites and others (WordPress and Shopify).

Here are some examples of our recent successes.

For this client we cleared out a lot of technical issues, from the way their domain was configured all the way through to problems with their page templates. We didn't need to write a line of content - simply clearing out the rubbish and optimising the templates had a remarkable effect.

SEO results

Starting from a low base is one thing, but we had already grown this running site's visitors from search from 2,000 per month to close to 30,000 per month when we made a few tweaks to 1 page template and more than doubled the traffic from search to 60,000 per month.

runbritain seo traffic

Whilst our current web clients will continue to get fantastic SEO value from their content simply by adding their pages, we are delighted to welcome new clients an effective retained monthly SEO service too.

Just drop me a line for details and a chat - 

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