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Our Advent Calendar - a sneak peak

Come on - what are Advent Calendars all about if not taking a sneak peak a few days before before you're meant to?

As we mentioned last year, every designer hates the mention of Christmas cards*. And so this year we'll be ringing the changes with an Advent Calendar. And because we'll be building it so that the content and branding can all be changed, you too could use the same format to reach your visitors.

You can choose from static or video content, so how about a mixture of:

    • Iconic images illustrating your sport or cause
    • Your Marketing Director's Ice Bucket Challenge video he thought would never make it public
    • Pictures of your team athletes
    • Momentous moments from throughout the year's League and Cup performances
    • Photos of your top fundraisers to say thanks for their efforts and encourage others for next year

We're sure you'll quickly have more than 24 ideas which will engage with your visitors and encourage them to Like, Tweet and Share your year to their friends.

Drop your account manager a line if you'd like a chat about running an Advent Calendar on your web site and social media. 


* It's Corporate Christmas cards we hate, not yours Mum! And certainly not ones with a fiver and a note to "Treat yourself to something just for you, and don't tell the kids!"

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