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Use Google Services Without a Gmail Email Acount

More of Google's many products
You can use almost all Google services without a Gmail email address


When you buy something from Amazon, you need an email address to create an account. But not an Amazon email address.

When you sell all those unwanted Xmas gifts on Ebay, you need an email address to create an account. But not an Ebay email address.

When you feel the only way to keep in touch with the grandkids is on Facebook, you need an email address to create an account, but not a Facebook email address.

So, why on earth does everyone assume they need a Google email address to use Google Analytics?

You don't!

Actually, now I think about it, it's because Google try to trick you in to doing just that.

This is how you can use your current email address to create a Google Account which will then give you access to most of Google's free products and services.

First, visit You should see a page like this. At first glance, you have to create a username with '' - a Gmail account. But that's not what we want!!

The sneaky link you need to click

Now here's the trick.

Click the blue link that says "I prefer to use my current email address".

You will be asked to go ahead using your existing email address.

Couldn't be simpler. You're welcome!

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