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A preview of Jeyel's Curry Sauce brand and packaging

Our branding work for Jeyel's Curry Sauce gets its first airing as we complete designs for the first set of product packaging. We've styled a family look for the cover of the curry sauce pouches - 5 in total - Butter Chicken, Vegetable Korma and Lamb, Pork and Fish Curry.

The reverse of the packaging though standardised is text-heavy and because of the need to adhere to food packaging standards, inevitably takes longer to approve. We're there now though and looking forward to seeing the final product when it hits the shelves.

We've stayed with a monochrome logo since the product designs are colour intensive, but we're thinking that we may be looking at some 'bling' for stationery and associated print with a touch of Pantone 872 :)

Cover designs

Reverse designs

Logo Development

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