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Design Flavours

Here's a taste of the work we've begun with Jeyel Curry Sauces:

We've developed a monochrome logo which we'll use to develop label designs for the various products.

We’ve looked at visual elements of the product itself, I.E. plants, spices, herbs, and other ingredients. Also we explored abstract decorative Indian forms, including the repeated patterns seen, for example, in skin decoration (’Mehndi’) and floor drawings (‘Kolam’). A notable recurring theme is the ‘mandala’ - complex circular patterns seen in many Asian cultural forms, as well as South Indian. There also one or two ideas that are purely typographic.

Overall we’ve tried to keep the visuals simple in order to have maximum impact and versatility - although some of the source material itself is very intricate and complex.

Colourways for the logos will be developed as we progress, so that we can be sure they work with the packaging styles we devise.

Below we've shown the final selection and just a few of the concepts we worked through with the client.

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