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Don't Ask Me, Ask The Dog

Mike Brace and Izzy

We've been working with Chairman Mike Brace to publish part 2 of his autobiography.

Something of a trip down memory lane for Bill and John, who met while working at a professional body (IChemE, since you ask). Bill was designing training courses, elearning, journals and books. John was promoting them.

A strange title for an autobiography but then our man Mike Brace is a little extraordinary. We're obviously very proud to see him in print for the second time. This funny, fascinating book is the second installment, the tone of which is set in the introduction:

Disability is a state of mind, my state, and other peoples’ minds! They can’t do anything about my state, but hopefully, I can do something about their minds!

Find out about how Mike took the worlds of social work and Paralympic sport by storm, how he left Eammon Andrews speechless and how he accidentally invented the sport of Combat-Skiing...

You can buy Kindle or print versions here:  Don't Ask Me Ask The Dog

 and also find Mike's first book here: Where There's A Will

We asked Izzy for a quote but she was busy eyeing up the biscuits on Mike's desk...

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