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Brand On The Run

Brands and time...

Can a logo be timeless? If a brand is good enough should it ever need a refresh? Changing media forms and technology have driven development and adaptation of brands over time – think of the 1980s when colour palettes were largely defined by output in printed forms, (film and TV aside) but over the last 20 years they've had to appear consistently on a screen, via pixels as well as ink. (We had to begin redefining our corporate Pantones as RGB and hexadecimal). Small monitor sizes back in the day also drove us to simplify logo shapes to make them identifiable via a restricted pixel canvas. More recently, social media and responsive web technologies have pushed brand redevelopment even further.

But should a logo be fashionable or timeless? Can it be both? It's hard to imagine how a trademark can be flexible enough to resist the passage of time. But how often is a brand refresh the result of genuinely realising that one’s visuals are no longer fit for purpose, or more the consequence of internal organisational politics, designer ambition, sales imperative, marketing office whim or, perhaps, just habit?

From our angle we've spent a long time watching trends repeat, die and be reborn – but if we're honest, there’s usually something in what our clients are saying that needs listening to. In most instances they will know their customers better than anyone else.

Thoughts welcome...  Just as a prompt here’s some examples of logos that have ebbed and flowed with time.

and here's how we helped one client adapt their brand as it evolved to include both Men's and Women's Golf: England Golf

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