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Welcome to the Advertising posts.

We’ve been running a number of Linkedin campaigns across several sectors over the last couple of years. It’s not the only game in town for reaching B2B decision makers, but the targeting options make it an attractive proposition. So long as you can offer quality content you’re in the game.

If you use Linkedin for advertising, you'll know how well it works for generating high quality B2B leads. Not cheap, but in terms of results you definitely get what you pay for!

The recent roll out of Linkedin's Matched Audiences to companies without a 5 figure per month spend has brought great benefits too, but not without its frustrations...

This is stunning. Many of our charity clients could be receiving 10,000+ visitors from Google Adwords for nothing, other than the time to set up an Adwords campaign. If you meet these criteria, follow the link and apply for your $10,000 per month of free Adwords! [Pasted from Google's site] High-Level Programme Guidelines Please be aware of some important criteria regarding ...