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Andy Felton

Andy Felton

My role in Nemisys

I'm the Technical Director at Nemisys, and lead the development team, including testing and support. I joined Nemisys in April 2008 as a software developer having spent over 15 years in embedded software development roles for Motorola, General Electric (GE), and the Science and Engineering Research Council.

Over the years I've architected a range of search, signposting and membership platforms for many of our sports clients and I'm now responsible for all development within Nemisys.

I'm pleased to say I've also achieved the level of Certified Umbraco Master, and have built up an expert level of understanding of building applications on Umbraco, which is now bearing fruit in terms of the latest development work we've been undertaking for many of our 

I'm an active participant in the Umbraco Community, with regular attendance at conferences, workshops and meetings. This year I was lucky to be able to attend the Codegarden in Denmark (Umbraco’s international festival), which was a great opportunity to see how others were using Umbraco. As with all Open Source projects it’s key to contribute back, which is why I attend the annual UK Hackathon where we aim to fix as many bugs in the core as we can in a day. I’ve now personally contributed a number of Umbraco Pull Requests back to the Core (a techie way of saying my fixes are now part of the standard Umbraco releases!). In the spirit of self help and mutual support for Umbraco developers, I now also run the East Midlands Umbraco Meetup - still in its infancy, but watch this space!

The Internet of Things (IOT) has recently captured my imagination, and I'm now part of a community of like-minded developers who are investigating how devices like Amazon Echo and Bluetooth Beacons, etc can be integrated in to the web and especially Umbraco.

Andy Felton



Andy is a Certified Umbraco Master


0844 7069665

Janelle House,
6 Hartham Lane
Hertfordshire, SG14 1QN