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John Duffy

John Duffy

My role in Nemisys

My main business focus is on ensuring that our clients' digital strategies and communications deliver their business goals. This ranges from developing web sites to running email campaigns, devising search engine marketing strategies to complete ecommerce implementations.

I also run Nemisys's client workshop series, designed to "make choosing Nemisys a career-enhancing decision." And if that's a little grand, we'll certainly do what we can to make sure you know what you need to run a successful web site and online marketing campaigns.

My business experience has been gained on both client and agency sides, all the way up from Marketing Executive to PLC Marketing Director within the publishing, not for profit, agency, software and dotcom sectors. I guess I'm an internet old-timer!

How did I get in to online marketing?

After 7 years client side in a "traditional" marketing role I devised and ran the marketing campaign for the world's first online conference in 1997 (I still have a copy of Environment97 on CD somewhere - must republish it some time so you can all see it!). Environment97 was a runaway success, and so the business possibilities for the internet became obvious.

I moved on to join the agency that ran that first online conference, and within 3 short years we had floated a dotcom running online conferences.

My photographic dabbling

From time to time I get enthusiastic about photography. I'm not what you'd call intuitive, and it takes me a long time to set up a shot so while I'm happy directing a client's photo shoot I'll rarely shoot anything myself. You can see some of my shots on - the lighthouse on Guernsey has sold 80 or so copies, and I'm not quite sure why!!