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Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler

My role in Nemisys

With my team I manage the business side of Nemisys which includes all finance, HR matters and internal systems as well as the general day to day running of the business.

My other role is that of Project Director for a number of our clients including all golf related projects and those with any E-Learning elements.

How did I come to work in Nemisys?

My early career was in financial services, I'm a Chartered Insurance Practitioner by trade, however that career ultimately led me down an IT path. I was fascinated with how computers made complex tasks so easy and I got hooked. In the mid/late 90's I got involved in the web and quickly realised that it would revolutionise the way 'service' businesses would operate. I managed the IT element of a large financial services project that ultimately paved my way out of that sector and formally into IT and Nemisys.


Kevin Fowler

0844 7069665

Janelle House,
6 Hartham Lane
Hertfordshire, SG14 1QN